Corporate team building


Corporate team building activities 

Corporate team building activities is something that all employees look forward to. It can be that shake to wake up your employees to boost their energy and have some fun at work. Corporate Life isn't just work, work, and work...Fun and happy organizational structure will be one of the determining factors of an employee's state of mind at work. Happy employees make a happy company. Some of the core parts of corporate team building activities is Communication, problem-solving, decision making, adaptability and activities that focus on building trust. Corporate team building activities are not only meant to be just educational but also to be enjoyable and motivational. So in the company's best interest, the company should do its best to develop a good rapport within the team and with the employees of different departments of the company. Corporate team building activities can be both quick in office or complex activities. It can be both indoor and outdoor activities. Here are the few popular team building activities. 

QR code hunt 
Scan customized QR Codes to reveal customized puzzles whose answer leads you to the next location where your team performs a team task upon completion moves on to the next code, puzzle, and team task. So 5 teams have to scan 5 different codes, solve 5 different puzzles, and complete 5 different team tasks. The team that completes wins. 

• Boom beats Studio 
Boom beats studio uses a percussion instrument called boom whackers. The boom whackers are of different colors and sizes whereby they produce different sounds. These instruments are used by our team for fun team bonding. An audience of up to 1000 pax can be engaged in this format. A facilitator teaches different beats to people holding different color Boom whackers, when they beat together it forms a synchronized beat like an orchestra. 

• Mexican Railway 
Four teams construct a railway using plastic pipes and ‘T’ bends and pass the ball from one end to the other by making a Mexican wave. The team that constructs their section ?rst wins. Attach all sections to make a giant Mexican Railway. A brilliant ice breaker for conferences. 

• What’s My Name? 
What's My Name is an activity where each player is assigned the name of a person -- dead or alive -- and displays that name on their back, head, or part of their body such that only the other players can read the name. You can write these names on index cards or Post-it notes. Once everyone has been assigned a name, the players mingle with one another, treating their co-workers the way they'd treat the person listed on that co-worker’s card. They can also ask questions about their own hidden identity until they correctly guess who they are. 

• Human Knot 
Everyone stands in a circle facing each other, shoulder to shoulder. Instruct everyone to put their right hand out and grab a random hand of someone across from them. Then, tell them to put their left hand out and grab another random hand from a different person across the circle. Within a set time limit, the group needs to untangle the knot of arms without releasing their hands. If the group is too large, make multiple smaller circles, and have the separate groups compete. 
The team of is well expertise in all ranges of corporate team building activities be it a small team or a big team, a new team, or an old team. We are glad to render our services in making your corporate team building activities Productive and fun.