With the end of another year, we now step forward into a new year and if you are planning to get married this year then you must have already begun with your wedding preparations. A wedding day is something that remains in our memory for the rest of our life. Every detail contributes to making your day the most memorable one. Let’s look at some of the checklists. 
1.  Invitation: Personalize and customize your wedding invitation cards according to the various segments of the relationship. Notifying the theme will work wonders. 
2. Venue: Outdoor or indoor or destination or stay should be based according to the season, availability, convenience, and the travel arrangements that can be provided. 
3. Shopping: Wedding dress n jewelry based on the theme decoration. 
4. Decoration: Theme based decor will create a lively experience and even if it's a simple one with a meaningful arrangement based on a few traditional values and culture can create a memorable impact like using light lamps as a decor.
5. Catering: When you have a sort of mixed crowed, Menu should be based on that percentage and according to the other differences customize the utilities, dishes, type, and style of serving.